01. They have a [cottage] on the lake, and they spend a good part of their summer vacation there every year.
02. My great-grandmother lived in a tiny [cottage] in a small town in England.
03. My sister and her husband spend every summer in their [cottage] on the Gatineau River.
04. Many of the beautiful old [cottages] in our little village have been demolished to make way for a huge shopping complex.
05. They bought a little [cottage] in a small town in southern France, and rented it out to travelers for a month at a time.
06. They bought a cute little two-bedroom [cottage] on the lake where they plan to spend their summers.
07. My sister is staying in a bed and breakfast in a little [cottage] in the south of France for the next two weeks.
08. The old couple spent their retirement in a beautiful seaside [cottage] in the south of England.
09. The shore was dotted with colorful fishermen's [cottages], and the harbor was full of their boats.
10. We have a young couple living in a small [cottage] on the farm who help us look after the animals.
11. He owns a magnificent mansion on an enormous estate and even has three guest [cottages] for visitors.
12. Three or four lakeside [cottages] were destroyed by the forest fire.
13. My parents have started up a Bed-and-Breakfast in a small [cottage] they bought out in the countryside.
14. Do you want to go to our summer [cottage] for the weekend?
15. My neighbors have set up a little [cottage] industry making colorful sweaters for small dogs.
16. There is a German proverb which observes that love can turn a [cottage] into a golden palace.
17. There is a Chinese proverb which observes that the [cottage] where one is happy is better than the palace where one weeps.
18. Horace remarked that death breaks into the [cottages] of the poor as well as into the castles of kings.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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